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Standard Services

Preliminary Work
Preliminary sketches and design of concept (usually pencil sketch and faxes).

Production Part Drawings
Assembly Drawings
Piece Drawings
Profile Drawings
Final Prototyping *
Mold Flow Analysis *
Finite Analysis *

Injection Mold / Die-Cast Die Drawings      <<< This is our primary business. <<<
Part modification for moldability
Mold Drawings in 4 views
Detail Drawings of Individual Components
Solid Models or Surface Files of Tooling
Bill of Materials

Stamping Tool Drawings
Part modification for manufacture
Tool Drawings in 4 views
Detail Drawings of individual tool components
Solid Model or Surface File of tooling
Part or Strip profiles
Bill of Material

Jig and Fixture Drawings
Jig or Fixture Drawings in 4 views
Detail Drawings of individual components

CNC 3d Forms
2D or 3D profiles for use with CNC mills and turning centers.
Nesting for Laser Cutting, Water Cutting, Wire E.D.M., Turret Stamping, Regular and Stamping Profile Milling from
sheets or plates

QC  Drawings
Rough QC drawings
High fit and tolerance drawings
Geometric tolerance drawings
Gauge design

Consulting (per day)
Process evaluation and advice
Concept research
Plastics process advice for start up
Geometric tolerance explanation

Imaging    (priced per image)
[see examples click here]
Rough rendering
Finish fit rendering
Product photography
Layout artistry
Graphic design *

Administrative Work 
Miscellaneous work
Typing of letters
Regular and informational
Tracking suppliers
Site visits

Report Writing
Process cost estimation reports for marketing.
(including estimates of cycle time, volume, part  count, cost of tooling, mold machine hourly rate, etc.)

Regular Printing, Drawing Plotting, Blue Printing Image Printing
(free of charge for every print under B size)
Usually 1 velum and 2 blue prints of each drawing for customer and shop

Items denoted "*" performed by outside service.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate and the number of hours per Job.  Jobs are quoted before the job starts.
For more information see the Terms and Conditions page.

Drawings can be faxed, e-mailed or shipped to remote locations


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