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Tooling design Production equipment designs for production. Learn more
Drafting for Machinery Equipment components drawn for machining. Learn more
Product Design Product development to your specific needs. Learn more
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Axis Tool Design provides high Quality mold and tool design that will:
Improve your company's profitability, cut operating costs and avoid problem areas in the manufacturing process. 2d and 3d Cad Drafting and Design Services for: Product and Part design, Injection molds, Gauges, Design for general machine and machining of parts. Quality control drawings, Part inspections to make drawings. other kinds of molds like Compression molds, Transfer molds, Die Cast Dies, Sand-casting, Die Cast Trim Dies, Progressive dies, Jig and Fixtures.
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Tooling design Plastic & Casting design Drafting for Machining R&D Packaging Product Design
Tooling Design - Plastics, Casting, Stamping
Product design - Plastic injection, Die cast, Machined, Stamped, Fabricated
Product design - Plastic injection, Die cast, Machined, Stamped, Fabricated
Industrial Drawings. Practical easy to machine drawings of your precision parts.
Packaging Design - Blister pack, Bottles, Lids, Jars, EPS styrofoam, molded Paper,
Research and Development R&D Drawings - conceptual items visualized or machined
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We design products  with  purpose and manufactureability.

We are a full-service digital design agency with brick and mortar offices and plenty of in-house talent.
Quality services and support
Drafting for machinability.
R&D design and product development
Over 24 years in tooling and Product design
Tooling and manufacture liaison
3d printing or machining in metal and polymers
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